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5 Ways Freelancing Improved My Wellness

5 Ways Freelancing Improved My Wellness

Whenever people talk about freelancing, they often describe the solitary nature of it. It’s true. Working independently can make you lonely at times, but that’s why having a support system is very important.

I’m pretty comfortable being alone, and writing (or editing photos, entering data, etc.) is a largely solo activity anyway. It just means you have to make an effort to network and connect with other like-minded creators, because you’re not in an office anymore. 

But besides being able to craft the work you want and negotiate your earnings, working independently has some unexpected life benefits. For me, freelancing has enabled me to improve other areas of my life besides just my career.


As a freelancer, you’re not confined to an half-hour or hour-long lunch break. You can add a little workout time to your schedule. I often go on long walks or do a quick 20–30-minute yoga practice. It helps me to recharge and return to my work with a fresh mind.  



Seriously, why can’t adults take naps? That needs to be a thing. If I was up late working on a story on deadline the night before, taking a 20-minute power nap the next day helps me to get back on track. Nobody works well when they’re tired.


When I work from home, I’m less tempted to eat out. I can easily grab healthy snacks I have at home and eat smaller lunch portions. I’m kinda lazy about meal prepping, so having my whole fridge accessible to me makes lunch less stressful.


It’s great to have cool coworkers, but I find working from home improves my focus. There are fewer external distractions and no office drama. I can concentrate on finding story ideas, writing, researching, etc. without interruptions. By the end of the day, I felt less stressed, because I got a lot done.  


I mentioned not eating out as much as much, but I saved money in several other ways. Not having a daily commute meant saving on transportation costs. I wasn’t wearing down my work clothes out as quickly, which meant I didn’t have to shop as much. (Pajamas are the best!) The money saved ultimately could either go into my pocket or be reinvested into my business.


How has freelancing improved your life? Tell me in the comments or email me at!

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